Mindful Therapies

Hypnosis -What is it?

Most people can achieve a light hypnotic trance (Alpha) state, with Relaxation, Visualization, and a narrowing of focus on the therapist's voice. This "Alpha" state is the one you are usually in, just before sleep, or when driving long distances on a safe road- very relaxed, yet able to hear everything and react, if needed.
Everyone can achieve some degree of Hypnosis. With practice, this unique skill will increase!
When our Critical Mind stops screening out wanted change from our Subconscious, both parts of the mind will be in sync. and our body acts accordingly. Remember- You are always in control.

In the Alpha State you can recall every word spoken by your Hypnotherapist and your Subconscious Mind can receive suggestions very well, because the Conscious Critical-Mind, has been by-passed.

Think of the Hypno Coach (me) as your personal Life Coach. When we have discussed the changes you want to make, it is my job to suggest to your Subconscious that this positive change has taken place. All you have to do is relax in my comfortable recliner!