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One of my passions, has always been ....Music!
Click on the "play" in the bar above, to hear an original song I wrote for anyone needing a positive boost in their day. The words are all about Self-Esteem, and the tune is easy to remember. Cynthia, (see below) and I, sing the song together.
Hum it when you want to remind yourself that you are:
Loveable, Valuable, Capable, Powerful, and Equal...(the 5 Stepping Stones to Self-Esteem!)

Cynthia Kaarto, (Mississauga), is one of my music-mentors. She provides patient, experienced instruction in song-writing, composition, and notation.
Find Cynthia at:

John Lemme's songs are sure to raise your mood as well. Check out his albums at:

Classes in Meditation and Music are offered at my office, from time to time, during the year.
For Meditation/Music information, contact me by Email: