Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Complimentary Therapies such as:
Hypnosis, Music, Meditation, and Bodywork, are wonderful additions to the Traditional Therapies of Counselling. Click on the sound bite above, to hear a song written to promote a positive mood and focus for your day!
Listen to the words, and hum them to yourself, when you want to feel happy, and confident!
See also the link to John Lemme's albums at: for some "happy: melodies.
As a young mom, I was fortunate to join a Women's harmony and guitar-playing, Group (The Why Nots.) It was just the creative stress-relief that I needed! Later, I began writing my own songs, and a Children's Book Series:,  Interestingly, the mind-set for Creativity is similar to the "relaxed mind" needed for successful Hypnosis!

For quick, enjoyable, and efficient Healing, physical and emotional, I recommend Hypnosis! 
Click the Tab: "Mindful Therapies," above... for an explanation of how Hypnosis works.

My  personal life-journey has also been deeply influenced by the study of Yoga, Meditation, and Healing with Colour, Music, and Sound. These Therapies have increasingly been accepted into the mainstream of Holistic Healing, for the Mind-Body and Spirit. My training and Certification in Ivengar and Restorative Yoga, introduced me to Colour Therapy, and Power Affirmations!

I teach classes in Music & Meditation, with Sound & Colour, and The Chakras, from time to time. Contact me to be put on a list, for the next class.

You will find information on Counselling, Couples Therapy at:  

My RSW is accepted by most Insurances, and is tax deductible.